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I have consciously decided to see the world in a more positive light

despite being bullied by 4 girls in 6th grade,

despite being screamed at by my mother (my mother picked on me

a lot when I was a child, taking out her anger and frustration with life

on me almost every day),

despite not having gone on a family trip before (I actually don’t want

to at this point in my life; if I found ‘The One’, I would go on a trip or two

with him),

despite meeting one disgusting man after another in my twenties (leading…


Two nights ago, I lost my leg in a dream.

There was an explosion.

I remember shrapnel.

I remember a lot of metal.

I couldn’t stop bleeding.

I was lying on the ground, with my knees up to my chin (rather, one of my knees up to my chin), holding my legs (what was left of them, at least).

I didn’t cry.

I was in pain but didn’t show on my face that I was in pain.

I looked up at the sky.

I saw myself with only one leg

and I thought about how grateful

I should be that…


Dear You,

I sometimes wish that your friends would message you to ask how you are currently doing.

Just a short text would do.

When I remember people in my past, I may look them up on social media and message them to see if we could be connected and, sometimes, we stay in touch regularly and, sometimes, we don’t start any connection.

We just need to try.

Have you tried messaging old friends? Have you taken just a minute to text a friend?

If the text goes unanswered, then it doesn’t matter.

I always figure that when we try…

Pinterest: Willie James Howard

I love Reddit and I stumbled upon the following which made me think really hard this morning.

I am very sad because Willie James Howard would have lived to 92 if he weren’t murdered for revealing in a letter that he was fond of a white girl. He was simply a young man who was brave enough to tell a white girl that he liked her and got killed for it.

When I think of my grandmother, I think of how this teenager could also still be alive today.

A potential life gone for nothing.

It makes me think about…

Pinterest: Cheese-filled arepa

I wandered around Lima, Peru when I came upon two ladies selling arepas on the street.

I had always wanted to try an arepa (it’s like a Venezuelan version of a dumpling, maybe).

I went to their cart and bought one.

The two ladies smiled wide.

Millions of people stand by their food carts every day on the streets to sell to customers for hours.

I don’t know how those two ladies could still somehow be happy in their impoverished situation (it’s obvious that anyone better off wouldn’t choose to sell food on the street. …

I have a photo of my family in my mind:

I tell my sister, “I don’t want your 5AM walk to die.”

I tell my mother, “I don’t want your Sunday dumplings to die.”

I tell my favorite cousin, “I don’t want your mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and after-dinner snacks to die.”

I tell my best friend from 2nd grade, “I don’t want your Saturday morning Skype chat conversations to die.”

I tell my father, “I don’t want your habit of buying your daily paper to die.”

I tell my step-brother, “ don’t want your eagerness to play PC games everyday to…

Sahlep (popular winter drink in Turkey)

I’m unhappy.

I’m unhappy.

I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.
I’m unhappy.

During this pandemic, I am very aware of the millions of evictions that are taking place, the millions who are in really dark places becoming darker and darker, the hundreds of thousands who have lost loved ones, the millions who are so anxious that they remain sleepless throughout the night, and the millions who see no path leading to anywhere in their lives from…

I like to think that when I hope for the best for a celebrity then that person’s life may turn out for the better.

There are many famous people that we can somehow support emotionally.

I don’t follow celebrities’ whereabouts but I know that they’d appreciate getting compliments and are certainly not immune to put-downs.

I tire of noticing people bash famous people on Twitter and other social media accounts.

Why do some people think (or not think much) it’s okay to lash out at complete strangers who only happen to likely have a substantially higher salary and a wider…

Deborah Kristina

Author of ‘A Girl All Alone Somewhere in the World’, ‘Confessions and Thoughts of a Girl in Turkey’, ‘From Just a Girl Grown Up in America’. (Amazon.com)

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