A Valentine’s Day Letter to Myself

Photo Credit: BestWishesGreet (Give a gift to yourself today. Even if you have a partner, I still insist that you treat yourself too)

Dear, Debbie,

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I praise you for having faced and gotten over all of the adversities that have come to try to mess with you in your life. More than a handful of students and employers in the past have caused you to doubt yourself but you have managed to overlook their actions because only you understand your reasons for all that you do and who you are. Keep strengthening the certainty you have of yourself and the clarity of your aims. You have made your own decisions and I advise you to never waver from your own decision-making; you’ve been really good at knowing what you want and working toward what you hope to get. I know that you don’t feel that you ever do enough; I know that you feel inadequate because of your lack of knowledge of computer programs, including Photoshop, but look at the articles and stories that you have written for over a year now after you’ve decided to establish a rock-solid relationship with yourself as a result of getting too many absurd comments that weren’t necessary, and of the toxic friendships that you knew for a long time you were too good for.

Think back to the eight-hour workouts you did in high school and that twenty-mile walk you did around Boston and that marathon you ran in your university’s town; your body has carried you through many forests, taken you through many major cities, lifted you up and guided you around and mountains; think about what your body has been through and be proud.

Think of how well you are alone or with people whom you consider to be your lifelong friends. Be grateful for how much quality your friendships have and how well you treat yourself and how much you are enthralled by seemingly simple pleasures such as spotting kumquats on sale at the supermarket. Be grateful that at least a few people in your life think that you are awesome the way you are and can see the rationality in what you do as hobbies.

Be content with the frequency of sunny days in Istanbul since August 2017; look outside the window now and look up at the light in the sky and think, ‘Amazing’. I want you to see clearly that your life is prosperous when it stands to millions of lives in this world. I’m glad that you know to smile understanding that you may not be in the most ideal position in your life at this point but, at least, at the same time, you are alright indeed and you are aware of this aspect.

I admire that you are so motivated to be at a better level than where you are now and never return to where you were before. You see a lot of reason to rise. Sometimes people may bother you but you have become so good at not letting any of their perceptions dictate your life. I like that you say what you want not caring whether or not people understand — whether they understand or not, how they perceive you is a reflection of THEM and never you and you know that clearly; I have been watching you all of your life, I KNOW.

I look up to you for being well-aware of logic. I love that you think of humanity as far and wide, not narrow. I would like to suggest that you keep going with this:

Every human being is one unique experience in itself. No two will bring you the same experience.

I love that you think this way and have held this philosophy for as far back as I’ve known you.

I’m glad that you’re equally well everywhere you’ve gone so far.

Please always do good for yourself first and foremost.

You will always improve. Your life will never hit rock bottom.

As long as your mind is as intact as it is and close to you, you will always be okay.

Unlike a lot of people, your values are set, so don’t worry so much.

Again, I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Lots of love.

Author of ‘A Girl All Alone Somewhere in the World’, ‘Confessions and Thoughts of a Girl in Turkey’, ‘From Just a Girl Grown Up in America’. (Amazon.com)