Another Form Of Sadness At Its Worst


Unsplash — Adrian Swancar

In my eyes, in order to feel some mental relief, it’s okay to feel close to wanting to take our own lives.

When we feel so much sadness and pressure,

why not let us be on the verge of wishing we weren’t here

to feel everything horrible around us anymore?

I see it as letting ourselves be overwhelmingly angry and upset.

Feeling suicidal is a feeling. A lot of us inevitably have bouts of this feeling.

I see being suicidal as the saddest that one can get about themselves.

Once again, I don’t see it as ‘bad’; I see it as another form of sadness at its worst.

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Deborah Kristina

Author of ‘A Girl All Alone Somewhere in the World’, ‘Confessions and Thoughts of a Girl in Turkey’, ‘From Just a Girl Grown Up in America’. (