Can’t Take Those Decades Back

Deborah Kristina
2 min readFeb 20, 2024
Lasse Moller — Unsplash

It’s pointless to stay up all night making food that no one in your household likes to eat.

Why buy clothes for other people that you happen to like but they dislike?

Nobody that you do things for cares.

I wish that you would do something that at least one person appreciates because then that would count as making a positive impact.

When the people around you that you do something for don’t feel acknowledged by what you do for them because what you do is not anything that they want or need, then you need to stop and get a life of your own since doing something for yourself would actually mean ‘living for a purpose’ or ‘really serving someone’.

I disagree with one who has told me that bending over one’s back completely for someone, doing everything for that person while they do nothing in return is ‘fulfilling a great purpose’. Doing anything for someone who, in fact, wants nothing to do with you, is not an act of service. Instead, it’s as if you haven’t been doing anything at all.

I repeat that no one should do anything for anyone when it’s not and will never be appreciated.

Please move on to doing something where you receive gratitude for once.

I feel deeply saddened and even angry that your pursuit of this ‘purpose’ has gone nowhere for decades.

It’s like I’ve been witnessing a waste of a life that unfortunately can’t take those decades back.

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