How Many Times…?

Deborah Kristina
2 min readDec 8, 2021

Do you feel loved by something Unknown out there?

Can you count how many times

this Unknown has helped you in your life?

Do you feel that this Unknown is around at all?

I feel this Unknown sometimes.

I try to feel this Unknown in me all the time.

I will myself to feel this Unknown in my heart and dispersed all over

my flesh, deep within.

I think there is this Unknown inside a lot of us.

I like to think it’s possible to feel this Unknown from admiring a tree,

from listening to heavy rainfall,

from noticing how blue the sky is.

This Unknown is felt from a connection made between two humans.

In my opinion, we need human connection

more than a connection with this Unknown.

A connection with this Unknown (or the Way, or however one chooses

to call ‘this Unknown’) is important,

but connection with another human

is more vital to our well-being

because a human being is made

to relate to another human being.

We aren’t made to relate to this Unknown.

We are made to connect

with other people.

We are here to find the people

whom we connect

with and be with them

for as long as we are meant to be.

I have recently thought about the moments

that I strongly feel that this Unknown helped me.

This is when I am able to confirm

this Unknown’s love for me.

I wonder what are the moments

that you feel that this Unknown has helped you?

(I have no religion. I am a deeply spiritual person

who’s read a bit about Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism,

Christianity, Islam and even less about Judaism.

I also take a lot from poetry and literature and philosophy.)

You are loved.

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Have a wonderful day.



Deborah Kristina

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