In College, Everyone Was Fine Without My Help

Deborah Kristina
5 min readMar 17, 2023
Unsplash — Tijs Van Leur

There was a time when I thought that it was worth finding out about the clubs and organizations that my university had back when I was in college between 2005 and 2009; particularly in 2005.

I was excited about trying out new activities. I looked forward to meeting new people.

Over time, I no longer wanted to attend club meetings.

I became indifferent.

One instance comes to my mind sometimes when I think back on my college years:

I showed up at a club meeting.

At the time, everyone was choosing which attendees were to fill certain positions in the club.

A secretary position was open and I thought that, with my love for writing and listening, I could be that club’s secretary and I raised my hand to show my interest. Another girl was also interested in the position. We were to make our cases in front of all of the club members and attendees.

I tried to convince everyone around me to vote for me to be secretary but failed.

I thought that it wasn’t a big deal since there were other positions that needed filling.

The other position that interested me was that of historian.



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