Writing in a Living Room With Bearded Men

Writing in such a living room is where I write these days. (Photo Credit: Dreamstime.com)

Sitting in my living room by a group of people, chatting and playing the drinking game ‘Never Have I Ever’ with dim lights while I write and think feels wonderful.

I like being in a living room with others in the room with music playing from the TV, with the people around me laughing a little, smoking and having a fun time, connecting in their own way. I feel safe in this warm atmosphere with wine bottles on the table, a ginger kitten sleeping deeply on the rug by the front door, and people who respect that I prefer to have my own space within their space. I’m grateful to see the numerous shot glasses filled with a mix of tonic and wine on the table too.

I love being alone in a home with a group sitting around me.

I always like being on my own but, the thing is, I don’t like to be by myself without chatter and happy noises going on because I am honestly scared really easily of possible intruders.

I like feeling comfortable being my ‘writing and imagining, silent self’ in a living room filled with conversation and beards and, of course, again, a dreaming kitten.

I write tranquilly and feel more inspired in such a living room.



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Deborah Kristina

Author of ‘A Girl All Alone Somewhere in the World’, ‘Confessions and Thoughts of a Girl in Turkey’, ‘From Just a Girl Grown Up in America’. (Amazon.com)